Kings Point Machinery (KPM) was founded in 1960 in San Francisco by James A Stasek who was a graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy located in Kings Point, New York.. In 1981, Donald Westfall bought the bulk assets of KPM and he became the new owner. In 1984, KPM bought the bulk assets of Rossi Machine Shop in Oakland California. In 1986, KPM bought the bulk assets of Atlantic Coast Enterprises (ACE) in New York, New York. In 1987, Kings Point Machinery was incorporated as a Type C Corporation in California. In 1990 KPM moved to its permanent location on Gould Street in Oakland, California.

Donald C. Westfall, President, Kings Point Machinery, Inc., 9936 Gould Street, Oakland, CA 94603-2345
Phone: 510-638-2712 Fax: 510-638-3339